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Luck is an ability anyone can use

Maneki Casino is a fresh and growing online gambling center that already has multiple benefits. Among them are: a giant list of the games they are offering (your favorite slots are already here, and you might test your luck using some of the free spins), a great number of promo codes and everything is free of charge (meaning that you have to deposit nothing in order to enter!). With this review we will take a look at how exactly this free play project differs from the other ones and how it overwhelms them.

Getting started.

The main description of the service

Let us familiarize with it first. ManekiCasino is a service for gamblers that belongs to and is operated by N1 Interactive Limited. But the slots or roulette games and live casino is not everything you can find on there. Casino Maneki is also a home to a solid number of leading software providers, so you can get a great variety with the projects provided by such platforms as Microgaming, NextGen, NetEnt, Thunderkick and Evolution.

And since the casino is targeted on satisfying players from any corner of the world, whether they live in England, Canada, New Zealand or Netherland, the web-site can be opened in different languages so you would not get lost if you don’t speak English (the site’s initial language) well.

However, there actually is a list of countries the cannot be normally accessed from. It is better to read the list first before trying to start playing from your location. The website itself still can be entered with no issues at all though.

The bonus system you have never met

So, once you have successfully completed the sign up procedure, you can now start playing any game you want. But here is a small detail left before you start, and it would be better if you know it. And that is the ManekiCasino welcome bonus which is, actually, just as generous as it possible. Each new player receives a gigantic welcome bonus in the amount of €333 plus a pack of 99 free spins! That is definitely more than enough to start a successful gambling campaign on, and that is just the welcome bonus, not to mention the various bonus codes, no deposit codes and bonus and a great number of other promo codes.

But here is a thing to remember if you want to get the highest point of this system: In order to receive the maximum of this bonus, you will need to make three separate deposits, and each of them has some specific conditions. Here is an example:

  • A 100% bonus will be provided for your very first deposit (up to €111 plus a pack of thirty-three Spins.
  • Depositing for the second time gives you a 50% bonus (€111 plus thirty-three Spins).
  • And there will be another 50% on the third time (the same €111 and a pack of thirty-three Spins).

And the last important thing to remember here is that the deposit bonus requires to fulfil a 45x rollover condition in order for you to be able to withdraw the extra funds you have received. However, you can rest assured that this is no problem at all since such a generous offer is not something you can find anywhere beyond

The structure of the site

Some coordination advices regarding the look and the design

So, you are on the web-site. The main page is not going to feed you with any screen-size logos and images, it shows you the main list of the games and activities straight away, so nothing would disturb you nor make you waste your time on unnecessary actions. The menu with the names of the main pages is small and is located in the upper left corner of the window. It is compact and won’t close anything important with itself. It is also small enough to be of the same height with the banner in the middle top of the site. By the way, the banner is quite big, so you won’t miss any helpful promotion taking place and you also won’t have to look for them since they are always in front of you and are visible.

The overall design refers to Chinese culture. You can see it in every aspect on every page: red, purple and white shades for the main structures of the pages; special fonts that make the letters look like Chinese hieroglyphs; pictures of referring to the country’s national objects and textures made to match them. Even the maneki-neko is here. Which is obvious since this cat gave the Casino Maneki its name.

The main pages mentioned to be in the menu are:

  • “Games”;
  • “Promo”;
  • “VIP”;
  • “Tournaments”;
  • “Lottery”;

Some of those names describe the content of their pages just well, but some might be a bit confusing and need to be explained. So let us check them all.

So, if you are still on the main page, the “Games” button will simply scroll the page down a bit so the list of the games would fit on your screen completely.

The “Promo” page shows you every single promo campaigns, bonuses and other similar stuff that is taking place at the moment. Clicking on any of the events will open its full description so you could decide which of them to proceed first (but of course the most profitable way is to proceed with ALL of them since bonuses there are really profitable, we have already confirmed that on the example of the welcome bonus).

Now, “VIP” section should be described in detail since it is another interesting way of increasing your earnings on Maneki Casino. By joining the VIP you are automatically added to the VIP Loyalty Club which lets you to fill up your balance more and more with every new game you play and with every win you get. There are 7 so called “levels of loyalty”:

  • 1st: “The Kitten”, also equalized to the white belt;
  • 2nd: “The Aikido Kitten”, its belt is yellow;
  • 3rd: “The Judo Cat” with its belt being orange;
  • 4th: “The Kenjutsu Cat” is wearing a green one;
  • 5th: “The Ninja Cat” deserves a belt of blue color;
  • 6th: “The Sumo Cat” means you have gained the purple one;
  • 7th: “The Ultimate Master Samurai Cat”, congrats with reaching the black belt;

The complete loyalty level increasing terms and conditions can be read on the “VIP” page. But it should be mentioned that bonuses for this loyalty program are generous indeed, though sure it is up to you now whether to join it or not.

Next we go to the “Tournaments” page. It is quite obvious from its name that this section includes the tournaments and competitions that are taking place. The preview images will show you the main info: the name and theme, the prize pool and the time left to participate. Just like with the “Promo” page, clicking on these previews reveals the complete info about the tournament.

The last in the list we’ve got a “Lottery” button. This one leads to the currently active lottery you can participate in. Lotteries are themed and change from time to time, as well as their conditions do. So even if you don’t like the current one or have no possibility to take a part for some reason, you are free to wait for the next one.

Besides those menu buttons there will be a login button and a sign up button if don’t have an account or have not logged in yet. Also, as always, the Maneki Casino logo above the menu buttons list is also a button itself and leads back to the main page.

The last main button you might need left is located in bottom right corner and looks like a pop-up message balloon. This little one will open a live chat contact center where you can ask the representative of the platform anything you want to.

So, on the whole, the web-site gives a feelings that you are on a well-structured but still nicely-stylized platform. This balance is another point to the comfortability.

The games library tour

The categories you can visit

Now, once we have cleared everything out with the entrance and the welcome bonus, we can finally proceed our review to the part everyone is interested in most. The games. As it has already been mentioned, the main page shows us the catalog straight from the beginning, so you have no need in seeking for it yourself.

The main categories are listed below the top banner. Here is what they offer:

  • “Slots”;
  • “Blackjack”;
  • “Roulette”;
  • “Video Poker”;
  • “Table Games”;
  • “Live Casino”;

Slots can probably be called a soul of any casino. But it also matters if they are varied and interesting or just a set of spinning images no one would be excited to play. And if we are talking about the Maneki slots, here you can find any kind of this game made in any style and with different benefits. Try out an enormous collection of hundreds of slot games.

Blackjack is another popular game that does deserve a separate category. This is an excellent game that does not require you to know a book of rules and there are dozens of variations available. So if you are used to play with a certain set of rules, the local library will give you the opportunity to find the game for your style of playing.

Roulette – a live classic everyone loves, and everyone plays, and the most popular adaptations of this game are gathered here. A pure luck is everything you need to have a chance to win in this spinning circle of thrill!

Table Games is actually a concentration of different games but with one thing in common – they all have a special table area for each of them. Such masterpieces as the “Vegas Downtown Blackjack” or “European Roulette” (now with a dark mode version) are already waiting for you to start playing them and grab your jackpot. But this section provides with something much more than just a list of the already mentioned games with tables implemented into the process. You can also try out the “Baccarat”, “Mahjong Exchange” or the “Casino Hold ‘Em” and other kinds of poker.

Video Poker. In case you are seeking for some kind of a specific category that would bring you a feeling of confidence that you will receive the biggest returns, then you should definitely check out what the video poker section can offer you. Such type of games becomes more popular day by day and it already has one of the greatest and the biggest collections of poker games among everything other casinos can offer. Such games like “Double Bonus Poker” or “Bonus Deluxe” are already waiting for a chance to share their bank with you in a life like game experience.

Live Casino gives you the best and the fullest experience ever as if you are sitting in a real casino and playing and making bets. Whatever game you choose, you are going to play it with a real person which only adds some thrill and intrigue to the process.

Finding what you need

And besides those categories, all the games can be sorted off using the special filter right below the names of the categories. If you have a certain vendor and you like their games, you can choose their name and you will see what they can offer you. The games can also be filtered by their popularity or the date when they were added to the list. You can also use the direct search bar if you know the name of a certain game you would like to play. With those functions you will never get lost there.

What it makes to be a successful casino?

Worldwide targeting

We all know many casinos saying they are targeting the worldwide coverage and support, but in fact, only a few of them can show you a solid list of the countries they are accessible from. That is not about Maneki. Though the service is still young, it has already opened its virtual doors in almost every part of the globe and just few countries to be shared with left. Moreover, it also supports many of those countries’ languages, like Norwegian, Polish, Austrian, German, French or Finish, so even if a person doesn’t know English, they can easily switch the web-site to their native language. And we are talking just about the content of the site. The support team also has employees that can speak different or several languages, so no one who needs help would be left behind.


Maneki is a modern system that is designed and built to be accessible from different kind of devices. If you are a busy person or if you don’t have access to your PC too often, you can enter this world of gamblers from any of your mobile devices! And this option became especially useful for the iOS users. Thanks to the cutting-edge HTML5 resources and possibilities, Apple devices have no more compatibility issues and you can play on them with no worries. And sure, you can still play on other types of mobile gadgets like Android smartphones or portable tablets. The site is optimized to look and function just great on small screens and mobile versions of browsers. You will be able to use all the features that are available on the desktop version of the site, including: all the games from the library, all your no deposit codes, promo codes and other stuff, and that is without any need to download anything!

A short and final summing

What can be said in the end? Well, Maneki is a young but incredibly fast-growing casino service with a wide range of games that gain in their number all the time. New vendors bring their games to the catalog of the platform, so you will never get bored. The money can be deposited and cashed out via more than a dozen of transfer methods. The system is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, and the payouts are always honest, so this is a casino you can stay with for a long time and to be sure in its confidence because the casino uses the latest encryption technology to make sure that the gamers’ private data is transferred over to the casinos’ server securely. The system further protects the data stored in it using the latest firewall. They also use the industry standard random number generator, so the games always generate random results.

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